I’m sure no one likes them, but reading slumps are the absolute worst. I’m struggling to finish a book right now, even though I’m enjoying it immensely and I’m super excited to see how it all plays out.

I’m currently reading Pendragon #10- The Soldiers of Halla and I am loving it. I’m about 300 pages in, and we’ve finally got some answers to questions I’ve been waiting for through the entire series. But for whatever reason, I’m still struggling to read.

Does anyone have any tips they use when going through a slump? I tend to pick up a book like Anna and the French Kiss, something easy to get through and that won’t take me more than a day or so to get through, even if I’m reading slowly.

Anyone have any tips they use to get through their slumps? Anyone lucky enough to not suffer from these slumps? :p