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Country Girl, Shake It For Me


You’d Be Mine by Erin Hahn

Read: 1/9/19-1/13/19


My first review for this book was sorely inadequate. This book was far far better than I had possibly anticipated when I requested it and was granted the copy via NetGalley. So, thank you, NetGalley, for allowing me the chance to read this book.

First off, I’m not usually a contemporary reader. When I do read contemporary, I’m usually fairly selective and don’t tend to venture too far from authors I’m comfortable with, so this was a first for me by this author and I’d never really read something that goes this far into the music industry and I loved it. Maybe it’s because I’m a country music fan and have been since I was little, so I understood the references and everything, but I enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes stuff for that world.

I adore Clay and Annie both for their own reasons. They both had a very troubled past, Annie haunted by the very industry she’s trying to find her place in, and Clay in ways more personal and close to home.

Towards the beginning and a few times throughout I found myself annoyed by Clay’s antics but over the course of the book as Annie got to know him more and as his other sides came out and he grew into who he was by the end, I absolutely loved him.

The chemistry between them was palpable and I definitely enjoyed watching this story, their story, develop and take shape over the fateful summer. I cannot wait for this to release and to see how other people enjoyed this one.



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