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Born of Fury

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Furyborn by Claire Legrand

Read: 8.12.18- 8.29.18

5/5 !!

Boy, was this book a doozy. It’s been so freaking long since I’ve read a high fantasy book like this that held my interest from beginning to end and that left me with a horrible book hangover. I know some people had issues with certain things in this book, but I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed it and absolutely cannot wait for the next book!

Our two female main characters were absolute bad-asses and I loved them both so much. Yes, they both certainly had their moments or their issues, but I loved them regardless. I’m honestly terrified to see what bridges the gap between the end of this and where things started in the prologue, because I know we’re in for a world of pain with the next two books.

Rielle. Goodness did I love her from the beginning. A gorgeous, talented girl with a knack for trouble and a crush on the crowned prince. I love the friendship she shares with both Audric and Ludevine and I loved the progression of that friendship over the course of the book. I love that it started out with her going all rogue in a crazy horse race, and look where things ended up at the end of the book. Aghhh.

Eliana. Talk about character progression. Just over the course of this book, she grew so much. Another absolute badass, I loved her determination. I admired her attitude so much. She was one of the most stubborn characters in the world though, and I honestly think it made her that much more relatable.

Then we have all the amazing side characters: Remy, Navi, Zahra, Simon, and everyone else. I cannot get over how well-written all of these characters were, everything came together so well. I haven’t read a book that had this many side characters that I actually loved.

Can we talk about Corien? I mean… agh. I loved the “bad side” in this book, and can’t wait to see how it all plays out in the next book.

I loved the fact that things slowly started building over the course of the book. There wasn’t some horrible info-dump at the beginning and we actually got to see the world build as it went on, I love when books do that! The whole war between the humans and angels is something I can’t wait to actually learn more about, because I feel like it’s going to be absolutely fascinating!

This was definitely one of my favorite books that I read this year, and one of the best 2018 releases so far this year. I’m so stoked for the next book!

What’re you guys reading these days?



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