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Title/ Author: Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman

Rating: 100/5 5/5 for sure.

Goodness gracious. So, when I picked up Scythe for the first time at the end of 2016, I honestly didn’t know what to expect because I hadn’t read any of Shusterman’s books before. The premise sounded amazing though and I got my hands on it as soon as I could and DEVOURED it.

The concept of death and dying has always been something that fascinated me. To the point that I took a class on it in college where I planned my own funeral and visited a crematorium (weird, I know, but it was one of my favorite non-major classes). So when I learned about a book that featured this ruling “government” essentially that ruled over everyone’s life and death in all senses, I was hooked already. But reading these has been an entirely different experience altogether.

So, this go around, I tried to hold off buying Thunderhead … and lasted a week. I held off a lot longer before reading it, buuuuut still caved after only two months. Here we are, after I’ve slowly made my way through this book, and I’m dying all over again.

These books are so freaking good. The premise of having this group of people being in charge of who lives and who dies, of having a database who sees and controls EVERYTHING worldwide, of having these incredible characters grow and develop in this world… I cannot freaking get over it.

Our two main characters, Ronan and Citra, are by far some of the most incredibly driven and all around interesting characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of following through a journey.

And can we talk about the Thunderhead? I’m loving books like this and ILLUMINAE with the AI having its moments where it gets to talk to the audience. It’s such a rare treat and the things the Thunderhead starts speaking about are all moments that really make you stop and think, and it’s absolutely amazing.

The last 100 or so pages were probably one of the most intense endings I’ve ever read. I was on the edge of my seat that entire time and literally couldn’t stop yelling, “OH FUCK!” every ten seconds. The conclusion of this book was just absolute flawlessness. BUT IT MADE ME WANT THE NEXT BOOK THAT MUCH MORE! This wait is going to be absolute torture. I need to know what’s become of certain characters and how the fuck they’re going to get out of this mess!

I will definitely go get some more of Shusterman’s novels after these two books. I actually already own Unwind, so I think I’ll have to start there.

((I’ll update this when I’m back to my copy of the book and my extensive quote markings.))

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