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Crickets and Bells

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

(Reread) 5/5!

Goodness. I absolutely adore this book. To no end. Every time I read it I find myself experiencing all the same emotions over and over again and that’s exactly why I ADORE this trilogy!!

I know this trilogy has a bad rep with some people, I get that certain things could be seen as problematic- and I know they’re heteronormative, but that’s besides the point. Some things have got to be heterosexual, that’s just a part of life- just as much as homosexual or any other type of relationships.

Anyways, that little rant aside, I want to talk about the things I DO love about this book. I don’t like Lola as much as I like Anna or Isla, but I still absolutely love her. What I love most about her is her character development over the course of the book and her individualistic personality. She sticks to her guns and stays true to herself, even if she has her missteps along the way.

One of the things I’ve seen complained about the most regarding Lola is her immaturity, the way she treats Cricket and Max, and all the mistakes she makes. Then I’ve seen complaints about how strict her parents are. BUT. She’s 17 years old. And, I’m sorry, but just about every single person makes mistakes in their teens and *gasp* beyond that as well! It’s a part of being human- we make mistakes. But in the end, Lola LEARNED from her mistakes and she tried to remedy them AND improve herself afterwards. That’s a very mature thing to do. Then there’s her parents. People complain about their strictness and being in on her business and those kind of parents DO exist. I don’t know if people haven’t dealt with those kinds of parents before, but it’s not an uncommon thing. I absolutely love Nathan and Andy and I would love to have them as my fathers.

I adore this book though. I love Cricket and Lola and I love watching their story unfold. It’s not easy, and Lola made a lot of mistakes along the way, but that’s okay. The storyline is amazing and I love the progress over the course of the book.

Thank you, Perkins for being so amazing.

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