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Trust No One

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Pendragon: Raven Rise by D.J. MacHale


Well. When I started this particular Pendragon installment, I definitely wasn’t expecting to have an entire ending chapter that rivaled the amount I cried during Clockwork Princess’s epilogue, but here we are. (it wasn’t quite as much as CP2 but that’s just because that epilogue was the best ending ever)

Wow, this was such a crazy ride from beginning to end. My boyfriend only told me one thing when it came to this book and that was that it didn’t really take place in one single territory and now I completely understand why he told me that. It wasn’t like the others where we were introduced to a new world and a new challenge, this one progressed the storyline so much and really finalized a lot.

The second half of the book just kind of left me shocked and the book as a whole gave me an eerie feeling of witnessing the world during Hitler’s rise to power. The tattoos, the flags, the sense of “superior” human beings. It honestly kinda left me shuddering on more than one occasion while reading certain parts.

Bobby finally gets reunited with his best friends- Mark and Courtney- only to be ripped away again almost as quickly. He and Alder make a daring journey in an attempt to stop so much bad from happening, only to be screwed at every turn. There were a couple times where I honestly found myself getting lured into believing one way, starting to get comfortable, when something would come up out of nowhere and leave me feeling like a complete idiot for being lured into that false sense of security.

I could feel Bobby’s frustration, his anger, his sadness, all of it throughout this book. His emotions kept rising and rising and I could feel his blind hatred when it came to him being on that helicopter in that last bit. His whole existence is a question, he’s terrified of what’s at stake beyond just him being real or not, he’s angry at all the friend’s he’s lost and his unfair disadvantage when it comes to this whole war. This is where you really start to see Bobby being screwed over yet again when he comes back to the fight and it’s so hard to see him lose as much as he has with very little complaining. He’s such an amazingly strong and strong-willed person, it hurts to see the way he’s hurt time and time again.

That last bit, the last chapter, I cannot even begin to explain how utterly huge and devastating that chapter was for me. You don’t realize how much you start loving these characters, rooting for them and their mission, hoping that you don’t have to watch them die. They’re all some of the most amazing characters and they’re all so unique compared to each other, he does such a good job making sure they’re all their own people and I love that.

This was an amazing penultimate book and I cannot wait to read the last one to see how everything ends up wrapping up in the end. I already have it sitting next to me and I could not be more excited.


Currently Reading:

Roar by Cora Carmack (page 10)

Pendragon: The Soldiers of Halla by D.J. MacHale (Just started)

Lauren xx

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