I Am Now a Book Thief!

now that I have your attention

I’m not an actual thief. I was chosen to be a part of an incredible team of reviewers by the amazing M.C. Frank for her new website:The Book Robin Hoods

I am honestly a little bit in disbelief having just started this blog only a little over a month ago, butI’m thrilled the work that went into my Bookstagram: Bookschief_Managed has truly paid off in such a big way.

This site is going to be such an incredible recourse for not just me and my fellow bloggers, but for the authors as well! It gives other authors a chance to stop by and use the links to request reviewers and stuff (though it’s preferable that as an author you sign up to join the site).

If any of you guys check out the website, as an author or a reviewer, you’ll have the chance to apply to become a part of this amazing site! Can’t wait to see what comes from this opportunity!



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