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All Kinds of Messed Up

Pendragon: The Quillan Games by D.J. MacHale

5/5 stars

I mean… wow. Once I started really reading, I flew through this book. I read 200+ pages in my last sitting alone and man, what a read. This book was so intense from start to finish, I can honestly say whenever I was reading I was on the edge of my seat.

So much happened in this book, but on the flip side, so much was introduced and shit was blown open left and right leaving me with way more questions than I could ever have answers for.

The last little bit of Bobby’s journal definitely gave me some hope for the future, but everything Saint Dane talked to him about only left more questions. Aghhh

This book reminded me a lot of a mix of The Hunger Games (which, in all honesty I think borrowed a lot from this book) but also a little with the competition from The Goblet of Fire in the whole last set of games. It’s always interesting to see parallels between different books, it’s always been something I enjoy.

But, because it was similar to those two books, it goes without saying that there were deaths, and it wasn’t a walk in the park. Not that any of Bobby’s adventures are, but this one went above and beyond anything he’d had to do before.

I knew there was something fishy about the games and where those two idiots came from, and I also called it with Green, but I won’t get into too much of that.

I’m so glad that Courtney is okay, but I’m livid with everything happening with Mark. I want answers and I cannot wait to pick up the next book to hopefully have some stuff explained.

Yet again, I have to thank my boyfriend for introducing me to this series and prompting me to read it.

Currently Reading:

Renegades by Marissa Meyer (page 23)

-Lauren xx


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